Visualize the world in 3D

60 FPS Depth Map Resolution 752x480

Dual IR

120° x 75° Horizontal x Vertical FOV

Accurate depth sensing with a flexible range between 0.5 to 20 meters. Optimized performance in normal lighting conditions or under low light conditions. Precision with a wide field of view at 140 degrees.
Six axis IMU combined with frame synchronization provide accuracy at less than one millisecond. Complete package with SDK simple to integrate. Easy development and quick integration with the depth data created through the EYE S sensor.

120 mm baseline

The combination of the wide baseline and the flexible range of up to twenty meters provides a versatile solution for logistic applications, where the corners are tight, the moving variables many, and the depth data accuracy requirement high. MYNT EYE provides a quick response continuity rate while the platform stays in motion. For navigation or volumetric scanning, in poorly lit areas, the IR components can offer consistent secondary depth information, creating flexibility.

Depth Sensing at 60 FPS and 752x480 resolution

Obstacle avoidance requires continuity and a high fill rate. Drones and similar platforms with high mobility and lightweight that can change movement direction quickly benefits from MYNT EYE's 60 FPS depth map and a wide field of view, covering more area and variables with reliable depth information. Comparing to a multi-sensor module solution covering the same area, the lightweight MYNT EYE produces a higher definition depth map with minimal distortion through a global shutter.

Duel IR Projectors and IMU Frame Syncronization

The IR projectors improve the accuracy through lowering the spatial noise and temporal noise. The additional data adds precision and enhances the feed result for volumetric measurement. Face recognition, object identification, motion tracking, mapping, and AR & VR applications can integrate seamlessly. The less than one millisecond IMU and frame synchronization rate adds additional advantages for the use of MYNT EYE through reducing the temporal noise.




Depth Data

Video Feed

Depth Data

Video Feed

SDK Outputs                

Disparity Image 

Depth Image

Point Cluoud

IMU Data

EYE S Specification

Stereo   752 x 480 @ 60 FPS
Depth   752 x 480 @ 60 FPS

PCB 149 mm x 24 mm 85 g
With Casing 165 mm x 31 mm x 30 mm 200 g

D: 140o   H: 120o  V: 75o

IR Light
Quad Module

0.5 ~ 18 meters +

Raw Data Interface USB 3.0

Six Axis IMU
100/200/250/333/500 hz Frequency
IMU&Frame Sync <1ms

3.5 W @ 5V DC by USB

MYNT EYE Standard

MYNT EYE Standard


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MYNT EYE S1030 IR and MYNT EYE S1030 Non-IR

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