Depth data computed within camera

720p depth map at 60 FPS

Integrated IMU and IR light

Built for Performance

The lens provides a quality stereo resolution of 2560 x 720 at 60 FPS and the depth depth resolution of 1280 x 720 at 60 FPS.

The IR module improves the camera's ability to adopt a wide range of lighting conditions for indoor and outdoor use in bright and dark environments.

Embedded orientation and motion measurement through the IMU decreases the visualization inaccuracies due to movement and view angle changes.

Integrated depth computation generates the depth data feed on the camera decreasing the dependency on the computing power of the connected system.



Depth Data

RGB Data

Depth Data

RGB Data

Indoor Objects

Outdoor Objects

Go Anywhere
Adept and versatile  

The high-quality depth data generated increases the reliability and performance of the host platform, enabling the applications in more places than ever before. The integrated data streamlines the application development and simplifies the application mechanics. The reach of the camera range and the full field of view, in combination with the high lighting tolerance, widens the camera's applicability in many more innovative applications.

SLAM and Pathfinding

3D Visualization

3D Object scanning

Obstacle avoidance

Depth Demo

Point Cloud Demo


Stereo 2560 x 720 @ 60 FPS
Depth 1280 x 720 @ 60 FPS

Diagonal 120°

0.275 ~10 meters+

Six Axis IMU
200 hz Frequency
IMU&Frame Sync  <1ms

PCB 145mm x 20mm 80 gram
With casing 145 mm x 20 mm x 28.6 mm 190 gram

IR Light
Quad Module

Interface USB 3.0

3.5W @ 5V DC from USB