Visualize the world in 3D

60 FPS Depth Map Resolution 752x480

Dual IR

120° x 75° Horizontal x Vertical FOV

        Maintain depth sensing accuracy with a flexible distance range between 0.5 meters to 20 meters.
  Great performance even under low light conditions and facilitating accuracy with a wide field of view of 140 degress diagonally.
Six axis IMU combined with frame synchronization provide an unpresedentated level at less than one miliseconds.
Complete packaging for simple integration. Great solution for product development and quick integration. We stand to provide and develop a great sensor solution for your developments and future products.

120 mm baseline

The combination of the wide baseline and the flexible range of up to twenty meters provides a versatile solution for warehouse applications, where the corners are tight, the moving variables are many, and the error tolerance rate must be kept at a minimal level. MYNT EYE provides a quick response rate while the platform stays in motion. In poorly lit areas, the IR components can offer consistent secondary depth information, creating a high level of operating flexibility.

Depth Sensing at 60 FPS and 752x480 resolution

Obstacle avoidance at a moving speed of 30 mph requires a high response rate. Drones and similar platforms with high mobility and lightweight that can change movement direction quickly benefits from MYNT EYE's 60 FPS depth map and a wide field of view, covering more area and variables with a single sensor module. Comparing to a multi-sensor module solution covering the same area, the lightweight MYNT EYE produces a high definition depth map with minimal distortion through a global shutter.


Duel IR Projectors and IMU Frame Syncronization

The symmetric IR projectors cast patterns onto an environment, improving the accuracy of the depth scan based on the stereo camera. The additional detail adds precision and enhances the feed result for stationary and close by scanning. Face recognition, object identification, motion tracking, mapping, and AR & VR applications can be realized seamlessly. The less than one millisecond IMU and frame synchronization rate adds additional advantages for the use of MYNT EYE in AR & VR applications.

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