EYE S210 Depth Sensor

Depth Res

1280x400@60fps 2560x800@30fps


D:112° H:95° V:50°


0.5 - 7 m+


Dedicated module for object recognition with a large field of view. The sensor offers depth data and RGB video feed for identifying objects and the respective distance.

MYNT EYE S210 Depth Camera, Wide FOV, RGB
Warehouse applications of MYNT EYE depth cameras

Localization and Mapping

Delivery robot applications of MYNT EYE depth cameras

Object Recognition and Avoidance

Robotics and warehouse robot applications of MYNT EYE 3D depth sensors

Synchronized Depth Data

Depth Data

Point Cloud


Depth Data:
1280x400@60fps 2560x800@30fps

Pixel Size: 3.0*3.0μm

Field of View D:112° H:95° V:50°

Focus: 2.63 mm

Range: 0.5- 7 m+

Power: 1.1W@5V DC from USB

IMU: 200Hz

Dimension 125 x 47 x 26.6 mm

Baseline: 80.0 mm

Power 1.1 W@5 V DC

Interface: USB 3.0

Weight: 100 g

Output: RGB

Global Shutter

Time Sync: DF50A

Sync: <1ms (up to 0.02ms)

EYE S210 Depth Sensor